Mask 4 Masc

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Description: Dante Martin arrives home to a quiet house... a little too quiet. As he makes his way around the house, a mysterious figure is lurking in the shadows. Dante starts to undress in the bedroom when the masked prowler makes his move! He just has one question... TRICK or TREAT? The make comes off, and Dante is relieved to see it's his step-son Michael Jackman, showing off his Halloween costume. He's a Cat Burglar! The sexy costume turns on step-daddy Dante, and he tells Michael to put the mask back on. Sexy fun ensues as Dante gets down on his knees for Michael. Then, with the mask still on, Michael returns the favor, sucking him through the hole. The first big treat comes when Michael lays his step-dad on the bed and gives him his hard cock. Dante later returns the favor, first fucking Michael with a dildo, then his rock throbbing cock. This Halloween has tricks AND treats!