BadPuppy - Jordan Scott

Duration: 18:45 Views: 283 Submitted: 8 months ago
Description: Jordan Scott is a 22 year old Bisexual stud with a lot to offer. Jordan realized he had an interest in guys when he was 18; but, did not officially come out as Bi until he was 21. Jordan is a huge ole flirt and has been looking forward to his first solo jerk off in front of the camera for you. He begins stripping, removing his shirt, followed by his blue jeans. You’ll notice he has no underwear on. I assume he really could not wait to get naked. He massages his thick, long uncut cock and balls, revealing his firm tool. He stares into the camera, turns his back side toward it and begins rubbing and squeezing his ass, stretching his cheeks giving preview of his bung hole. With his cock at full attention, Jordan stands up giving his cock a firm workout. Nearing his climax, Jordan lies back on the sofa, his legs wide open, his balls tight and begins stroking fast and furious. Before long Jordan delivers a splattering array of cum across his smooth abs and torso.