ChaosMen - Jackson Solo

Duration: 15:58 Views: 708 Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Jackson arrived at the studios very nervous and almost timid. I didn’t have a lot of information about him before meeting at the studio. I knew his age and that he wanted to do a solo. So I didn’t know his sexuality, but before I could ask, he mentioned that his girlfriend knew he was shooting the video. Perhaps because he was so quiet, I figured he was bi or gay. He picked out some girls to stroke to, but I was wondering if maybe he was actually really curious about dudes, and putting himself out there. You might get a vibe off of him too. Jackson couldn’t be sweeter, and was happy to hear you guys were going to like his amazing abs along with his curved 8? inch cock. He keeps his bush natural, but had been told to shave it off by another studio that never did follow through with him. I was shocked to hear that. My initial photos from him he had full bush, and we did wait for them to grow back a decent amount. He says his girlfriend loves it natural, so he is glad to not have to keep up the maintenance. Jackson says he likes to dominate his girlfriend, and as timid and quiet as he seems during his interview and the solo, I just wonder how he would be as dominant Top. I think I was a little surprised during the interview that he was the dominant one. I pegged him as passive. He has a big cock, but I would love to see him get fucked. We shall see. He will back for a Serviced video, and we can check out what kind of energy he puts off for that video!