Butch Dixon - Dominic Arrow & Fabio Stone

Duration: 20:50 Views: 443 Submitted: 11 months ago
Description: as soon as I clapped my eyes on Dominicis wonderful, muscular thighs the only real spot I needed to determine them was pushed into his fine face, therefore we looked for a man who had been as wide and bristly as Dominic is lengthy and carved, and discovered him within the type of donkey selected bruiser Fabio, OH this child provides. Fabio is just a research, strong bloke having a lengthy, heavy, uncut penis (you realize how we luv these German foreskins - and just how!) The people obtain down seriously to drawing each others ramrod hard resources and strip down. Fabio bends his bottom-pal over and takes out his stunning hole as he advances his tan cheeks, Dominic cannot delay to raise these lithe long-legs and provide Fabio a peek of the reward - his tasty, musky gap, a good-cum-milking-handle. Fabio rubbers lightly and up slides into Dominicis open, muscle-pit with that enjoyment as Dominic's moans /pain experience. Subsequently, after keeping his throbbing, 8" of uncircumcised penis, deeply in Dominicis twitching gap - Fabio begins to gradually fuck that pit drawing its puckered flower in and falling it in with each happy push