CorbinFisher - ACS0050 - Lucas & Dawson's Bi Tag Team

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Description: We've been treated to the incredibly hot sight of seeing Lucas go at it with a lucky young college girl. We've also been treated to the incredibly hot sight of Dawson going at it with a lucky young college girl; more than once for each! Now, it's time to see the even more incredibly hot sight of both Lucas and Dawson going at it with a girl, as well as with one another! ACS provides the opportunity to film something I've always loved to see but can never seem to find enough of - bi action vids with insanely hot studs having at one another and a girl at the same time. There's just something wonderfully hot about a couple of young straight studs each teaming up on a girl while also getting off on enjoying one another at the same time. I always used to fantasize about the scenario in which two straight studs who would never otherwise have the opportunity or even think about having sex with one another end up doing just that, almost by accident, with the girl being the catalyst to it al. While each getting off with her and tag teaming the girl, they can't help but be intrigued by the buddy that's right there next to them and almost spontaneously act upon the urge to try touching their buddy - that then progressing to their going at one another with the same enthusiasm and abandon they'd been going at the girl with. Is that hot, or what?!
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