Kenny Fucks Josh

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Description: Not only are Kenny and Josh two of the hottest examples of All-American athletes around, but today they prove it - in more ways than one! While fooling around on the basketball court with a football, Josh throws an insane shot from across the court - and sinks it! Kenny can’t believe it. He figures they should head back to the house and “see if I can make it in your basket.” The guys kiss passionately in the bedroom. They pull each other’s clothes off, ready to lick and kiss every body part they can reach. Kenny kisses Josh’s tight abs. Josh sticks his hands down Kenny’s shorts. He bites Kenny’s nipples. Both of these lean-muscled guys are totally into each other. They can’t keep their mouths and tongues off one another’s ripped muscles. Josh goes after Kenny’s nipples again, then kisses his way down Kenny’s six-pack abs. Josh takes Kenny’s cock in his mouth and deepthroats it. He swallows him to the root. Josh looks up at Kenny as he blows him. Kenny moans passionately. Josh slaps Kenny’s cock against his tongue. Kenny can’t stop panting, he’s so horned up! Kenny gets on his knees and takes Josh’s dick down his throat. He spits on it to lube it up. That lets him sucks Josh’s cock deeply. He licks Josh’s nuts and tells him to sit on his face. The guys move into a 69 position. Kenny eats Josh’s ass out, while Josh sucks Kenny’s dick. Kenny drives Josh wild with the rim job he’s giving him. Josh is working Kenny’s cock all the way down his throat. Now Josh is dying to ride Kenny’s dick. Kenny teases Josh’s hole with the tip of his cock. Josh slides down that hot dick. He holds onto Kenny’s feet as he grinds down on Kenny’s cock. Josh watches himself get fucked in the mirror. Kenny smacks Josh’s ass. Josh bounces up and down as he rides Kenny in a reverse-cowboy. He strokes his own cock, enjoying the hard fuck Kenny’s providing. Josh gets into the missionary position. Kenny slides his dick in. Josh strokes his big cock. Kenny’s perfect bubble butt tightens as he thrusts inside Josh, who whimpers and moans as Kenny pounds his ass. Kenny sucks Josh’s toes as he fucks him. This drives Josh even crazier. Kenny can’t get enough of Josh’s hot toes. He jams his cock into Josh faster and faster, all the while sucking on Josh’s toes. He slows it down and tells Josh he wants to fuck him doggy-style. Josh flips over to take Kenny’s cock on all fours. Kenny mounts Josh, driving his cock in slow and deep. He pushes Josh down to get even more of his cock inside him. Josh strokes his dick furiously and blasts a huge load across the bed. Kenny shoots all over Josh’s ass. Guess they both scored!
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