Wyson - Chicken Done Right (Brenn Wyson, Cody Robbinson)

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Description: New England flavor that's been long overdue in these parts. Brenn Wyson is back with us this week and we have to admit we've missed his crazy antics and that signature accent. Originally from right outside of Boston, Brenn is 40 now and looking better than ever. Today Brenn is going to help Cody Robbinson, a sexy 22 year old from the Hoosier state, make his debut with us. This will be Cody's first time with a 40 year old and little does he know he's about to set the bar really high. Both of these hotties have tattoos so we wondered what the first tattoo they got was and what inspired them. Brenn's first tattoo was a drawing he made to honor his late brother who passed while stationed overseas. It runs the length of his right arm and has the Archangel Michael atop what became an intricate illustration representing not only his brother but his home town and friends he left behind in Boston and Brooklyn as well. Cody's first was his last name on his wrist. We then wrapped it up by asking them to tell us something about themselves that most people wouldn't expect. Cody used to do professional motocross and ended up breaking 2 ribs. "I don't think I can shock anybody out there anymore' Brenn grins, 'I've shocked them enough". He may have a point there...
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