Andy Samuel gets pounded by Tate Ryder in the studio

Duration: 16:34 Views: 523 Submitted: 4 weeks ago
Description: After that hot shoot on the roof we headed back to the studio so Tate Ryder could really pound my cute mate Andy. The guys had already been fooling around on the roof. It was a long foreplay session in the lead up to making this video. They quickly strip off as Andy gets to work on Tate’s big cock. And Tate lefts him up on to the couch where he tongue fucks Andy’s little hole before pushing his cock deep inside. I love it when Tate picks him up and carries him across the room to bed with his legs still wrapped around his neck. You see Andy is about to get pounded in one wild rough fuck session on the bed. What a perfect way to end our day of shooting together.
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