Jafar Azeezi And Zac Johnson

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Description: Handsome Zac couldn't wait to meet new dude Jafar, and it's easy to see why. If you love handsome guys with hairy bods and big cocks then he's perfect. He's all about taking control and really leading, Zac isn't complaining about that once he starts sucking on that thick and long cock. He really feasts on that 8-inch dick, gobbling Jafar deep before the two get into a 69 and Zac gets his arse licked out. Soon enough Jafar is filling his hole and fucking him from behind, then pinning him down to the bed for an even tighter thrusting! The ride Zac takes soon gets them close and with that big cock exploding in his face Zac is wanking out his own milky juices, still thirsty for his new buddy's meat!
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