Jimmy Fame and DeAngelo Jackson 2

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Description: DeAngelo was headed back to his room after having a business meeting, when he was stopped by Jimmy Fame who recognized DeAngelo from his movies. Jimmy asked if he could tag along, and of course DeAngelo said yes. Seeing how big of a fan he was Jimmy couldn't wait to get that dick wet. He made sure to suck that dick just like he'd seen others do in the movies. Turns out Jimmy did his homework because he was prepared for whatever Deangelo threw his way. DeAngelo fucks him in various positions giving Jimmy that dick. While Jimmy was riding DeAngelo couldn't hold it anymore he pulls out bust all over his chest and throws that dick back in Jimmy. Scene wraps with DeAngelo making Jimmy shoot streams of nut all over the place. Today was Jimmy's lucky day running into one of his favorite porn stars a day he will never forget!
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