Moreno Dias & Collin White - Frat Trade 2

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Description: I'm trying to get into the frat scene on campus so I approached one of the dudes in my class and asked him if he might get me in. We talked a couple times in the hall and it just so happened that I bumped into him and he said there was a party later that day for what he called neophytes. I told him I was on my way to the doc for some meds and so we walked there together. I was hoping the doc would be able to see me to give me an simple refill so as we wait in the exam room, Moreno explained to me he could get me the stuff I needed. I didn't have any money but I do have some awesome dick sucking skills. Moreno was hesitant but like any other frat dude, he caved in. He told me I had to earn it. So he whips out this thick uncut juicy dick...I didn't wanna say anything but my mouth watered when I saw it. I took my time sucking his dick really good. I could feel his shaft stretching my throat open and I wanted more. I think it was one of the best throat fucks I ever had. I really liked being his bitch. He wasn't my first str8 boy and I know he won't be my last...especially if I get into the frat.
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