Bennett Anthony and Bentley Michael

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Description: Hunky ginger Bennett Anthony meets young stud Bentley Michael for the first time and they immediately hit it off. They have been aware of and wanted to work with each other and now they have their chance. After their interview the two slide closer to each other, Bennett puts his arm around Bentley, pulls him close and they start kissing. Bentley reaches for the bulge in Bennett's shorts and begins squeezing. Bentley kneels in front of Bennett, pulls off his shorts and goes down on Bennett's thick cock burying his face in Bennett's thick auburn bush. Bennett pulls Bentley to his feet, drops to his knees and goes to work on Bentley's long thick dick. Bentley's cock is so long that Bennett keeps gagging on it as he's giving Bentley a blowjob; but it does not curtail him in the slightest. Bennett turns around, bends over the bench and sticks his ass right in Bentley's face. Bentley kneels down, buries his face in Bennett's ass and begins shoving his tongue in and out priming that hole for his thick piece of man-meat. Bentley stands and slowly pushes his cock deep into Bennett's ass. It takes Bennett a few minutes to get used to the size; but when he does Bentley begins pounding away at Bennett's hole while Bennett jacks his rock-hard cock. Flipping things up, Bentley winds up on his back, legs in the air with Bennett licking his ass, getting it all nice and wet. Bennett leans forward to kiss Bentley and at the same time he drives his dick straight into Bentley's hole. Bentley starts jacking his dick hard and fast as Bennett fucks him harder. Bentley starts to get vocal as he gets close and when he blows, he shoots a load of cum which reaches his chest and covers his abs. Bennett pulls out and manages to coat Bentley in a t oad of creamy white jizz.
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