Collin White & Jake Mitchells - Detox

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Description: I was sittin' on the exam table waitin' on my test results and in walks this dude all spazzed out asking me if I was here for the detox program. I had no clue what the fuck he was talkin' about but when he offered me a blow job I was down for it. I'd seen him around campus hanging out with the wrong crowd but never thought he'd be the type to just blow random dudes. At this point I really didn't care cause I was kinda horny myself being that I share a dorm room and never have any privacy to rub one out. This kid wastes no time and drops to his knees and pulls out my dick through my boxers. As he slurped on my dick, I could feel his tongue caress my meat like it was the best thing he ever ate. I couldn't help but bust my 3 day load all over his ass.
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