0518 - Nicolas & Danny

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Description: Our “desert retreat” house was so nice and private that we ended up extending our stay and inviting some of our other boys for a visit. Nicolas was out of school and Danny was able to take time off work so bringing them out was pretty easy. Nicolas was a little concerned about his pale skin. He and Danny were sitting by the pool in their swimming trunks. “Why don’t you put a little sunscreen on Nicolas?” I asked Danny. Danny slathered a big glob all over Nicolas’ back. “I think his butt needs some too,” I joked. Nicolas removed his trunks. I could tell he was kind of nervous. “You got a hairy ass,” Danny said with a big smile on his face. “Yeah, I do.” Danny did his best to get the sunscreen on through the hair. It was fun to watch! It was hot outside and both of them were super horned up. The nice thing about the desert house was there were no girls anywhere in sight!
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