Kuper and Austin Wolf

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Description: As he is held firmly by Austin Wolf, rock-hard Kuper breathlessly tells him "I've been waiting for this for a long time". And just like that Kuper is under his control in this non-condom scene. He grinds against Austin as they neck and doesn't hesitate when told to get on his knees. Kuper eagerly sucks Austin who periodically holds his head as he trains him to deep-throat his cock. Austin loves it ---and so does Kuper. Austin takes Kuper into a into 69 and as he's sucked deep, Austin sucks him back and rims & fingers his hole to get him ready for fucking. He plows Kuper and soon gets him up on his knees and hold him tight to watch himself in the mirror being dominated. That just makes Kuper harder and excites Austin to drill him more, flip him on his back, pound him and intensify Kuper's bottoming experience with breath control. Austin fucks Kuper to the edge of the bed, then flips him up to ride his cock relentlessly. Finally Kuper leans forward to shoot his load in Austin's mouth. Austin delivers it back into Kuper's mouth and kisses him before turning him over again to pound him hard. He pulls out to shoot his load and answers Kuper's pleas to fuck it into him. As Austin finger his own load oozing out of Kuper they both are rendered speechless from their long-awaited intense hook-up.
Categories: GAY
Models: Austin Wolf