Sex Schooling Yuma

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Description: Yuma's tall, slender and a new recruit to Japanboyz stable of hot Asian boys. He's first to help strip down Fuji, his experienced, sexy mentor before they head to the showers to scrub down before playtime.They kiss and explore each others' firm tight bodies in the warms sudsy spray, and Yuma gets to enjoy the beautiful muscles and ever-ready cock that have made Fuji a welcome fixture around Japanboyz. Handsome Fuji takes over as the patient, helpful schoolmaster to give Yuma his first important lessons in fucking in front of the camera. He drops to his knees in the shower to excite and stiffen Yuma's dick before they head to bed. But even more than his talented mouth, a pair of fingers that go straight into Yuma's ass are what get his motor racing. Who knows Yuma's permanent role in the Japanboyz universe, but today he's an eager and excited bottom. Two horny young studs take to the sofa and Yuma nibbles and licks his way down to Fuji's smooth hard cock. Fuji responds with a deep hot suck before his moves his expert attention to Yuma's hairy round ass. He strokes his piece until it's stiff and fuck-ready, then deftly slides in. His body is a muscular machine in hot sexy action, drilling in to the twitching core of Yuma. They lie connected, Fuji on top, thrusting smoothly as Yuma grips the mattress below. It's time for Yuma to ride his mentor's perfect cock and he climbs on. Fuji pounds in fast, and when Yuma spreads his hole to welcome what Fuji's dishing out, it's time for them to hit a sticky climax. Yuma sprays his load across his furry pubes, then the hot horny teacher spurts a line of cum onto his student's tight little nipple. First lesson accomplished!
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