Jacob Jax & Kurtwood Serviced

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Description: Kurtwood was a bit more reserved than even his solo. Definitely a complete newbie to filming. Jacob draws him out as much as he can. They start by stroking themselves and Jacob is hard rather quickly as usual. Meanwhile, Kurtwood is still trying to wake his cock up on his own. Jacob lends a hand, or rather a mouth, and he gets his cock hard enough. Kurtood sat back to enjoy the blowjob. Then it was his turn to suck on Jacob, and despite his lack of skills (You can really tell it is his first time sucking a dick), it looked like Kurtwood really got-off on sucking on a big 'ole cock. In fact, every time Kurtwood would go soft, we would just have him suck on Jacob's cock and he would bounce right back. As nervous as Kurtwood looked, we kept the cum shot simple, and it turned out to be quite nice. This worked easily, as both guys nutted very quickly. I thought given Kurtwood's nerves we might be in for a long-haul. Yet Kurtwood easily blast his load on to Jacob's face with quite some distance. He striped Jacob's entire face and even his hair. Of course, he nails Jacob right in the eye! But Jacob was on roll, ready to cum. I did a real quick wipe to his eye area, and by the time I stepped back, Jacob shot a high-flying load!
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